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7:30 PM Thursday September 13th

Stockton Astronomical Society


Raj Dixit
The Difference Between the Hubble Space
Telescope (HST) and Your Telescope

This presentation will cover the vast differences between the gorgeous
images seen from the HST (online, in books/magazines, or on
television) and the reality of viewing those same astronomical objects
in typical amateur telescopes. The different types of telescopes will be
explained and described. Also, the various types of objects that are
commonly viewed in amateur scopes will be explained and described,
with contrasting depictions of HST images and eyepiece views – the
Sun, Moon, planets, double stars, open clusters, nebulae, globular
clusters, and galaxies. This presentation is a "crash course" in
astronomy, with striking visuals, and will be of interest for everyone
of all ages and levels of astronomical knowledge.

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