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University of the Pacific, Olson Hall Room 120
7:30 PM Thursday November 14th

Stockton Astronomical Society


Heather Gray

Heather Gray is an Assistant Professor in physics at UC
Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley Lab. She splits her time between
Berkeley and Geneva while working on the ATLAS experiment at
the Large Hadron Collider. She specializes in the Higgs boson and
also works on silicon pixel detectors and algorithms to figure out
the paths of particles based on the information they leave in
detectors. Heather is originally from Cape Town, South Africa,
where she did her undergraduate degree and spent 7 years working
for CERN in Switzerland. When not at work, she can usually be
found in the mountains or the ocean.

Discovery of the Higgs Boson Using the Large Hadron Collider

In 2012, the Higgs boson was discovered at the Large
Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. What is the
Higgs boson is and why it is so important that we spent
$10B to build an enormous collider (with complex
detectors and experiments) to find, measure and
characterize the unique features of this particle and how
these items might tell us about the future of the universe.

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