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University of the Pacific, Olson Hall Room 120
7:30 PM Thursday February 14th

Stockton Astronomical Society


Roberto Carlino

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Astronomy, Exoplanets, & Exobiology

Roberto is an Aerospace Engineer at NASA Ames, currently working as a hardware/flight software engineer for the Astrobee Project. Before then, he was working at the Science Processing Operation Center (SPOC) for the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) (follow-on mission of the Kepler Space Telescope), which will search for exoplanets around the closest and brightest stars to our Sun.

Roberto started at NASA Ames around 3 years ago, working on different projects and mission proposals.
He got his Bachelor’s degree and Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II, in Italy, and Delft University of Technology, in The Netherlands. After that, he got his second Master’s degree, in ‘Space Systems and Services’ from the University of Rome, La Sapienza.
When not at work, Roberto loves flying, skydiving, scuba diving, surfing and hiking. Among his passions, he also loves cooking good Italian food, especially (real) Pizza.

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