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University of the Pacific, Olson Hall Room 120
7:30 PM Thursday February 13th

Stockton Astronomical Society


Steve Clark

No Telescope Needed: How to Perform
Astrophotography Without a Telescope

Astrophotography can be performed without a telescope. In this talk,
we will go over how to take pictures of the dark sky with only a camera,
just simple tools and methods. We will also discuss how to plan your
stargazing by using a simple program called Stellarium.

This talk will include a basic introduction to Stellarium, a program that
can take you through past, present, and future night skies. It tells you
the location of objects in the sky at any time during the day or night and
includes images of those objects.

With this program, watch artificial satellites like the space station travel
through the sky in real time and find the phases of the Moon, Venus,
and Mercury or the positions of all other planets in the sky.

This program can help you to plan your viewing of the heavens with or
without a telescope, to prepare for occultations and eclipses, and more.

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