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University of the Pacific, Olson Hall Room 120
UOP has closed its campus due to the corona virus.

Virtual Zoom Meeting Link
7:30 PM Thursday October 14 2021

Our presentation will be given via Zoom. We
will officially commence at 7:30 PM. Join us for a
soft start at 7:00 PM. This is to socialize and ensure
that everyone is online prior to the meeting.

Stockton Astronomical Society


Giullermo Barro
Understanding Galaxy Formation From the Big Bang to Today

Introducing: Giullermo Barro

Dr. Barro is an observational extragalactic astronomer, he studies
the formation and evolution of massive galaxies over the past eleven
billion years of cosmic time. He is interested in pushing the
detection of massive galaxies even earlier in time (within only a few
billion years of the Big Bang itself!), as well as understanding the
physics of their structures and stellar populations.
Dr. Barro studied Physics and got his PhD in Astrophysics from
University Complutense in Madrid, Spain. He spent 4 years as a
postdoc at UCSC working for the CANDELS survey, the largest
observational project ever undertaken with the Hubble Space
Telescope. Then, he moved to UC Berkeley to work on the
MOSDEF survey, a large spectroscopic survey based on
observations from the Keck 10-m telescopes in Mauna Kea. Two
years later, he joined University of the Pacific and since then he has
been leading his own NASA-funded research programs.

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