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Annual Installation & Recognition Dinner
China Palace Restaurant
5052 West Ln, Stockton 95210
6:00 PM Sunday January 13th

Stockton Astronomical Society


Dan Werthimer
Is Anybody Out There? The Search for ET with
Help from 5 Million SETI@home Volunteers

What is the possibility of other intelligent life in the universe?
Can we detect radio, infrared, or optical signals from other civilizations?
Current and future SETI projects, including the new $100 million
Breakthrough Prize Foundation Listen project, may provide an answer.
Berkeley SETI Research Center chief scientist Dan Werthimer will describe the rationale
for past and future searches and will show how new technologies are revolutionizing SETI.
Dan will describe Breakthrough Listen, SETI@home, the new PANOSETI wide field
all-sky-all-the-time project, as well as concepts for future SETI.

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